Thursday, May 17, 2007

The hat's going nowhere

Last night was Stitch 'n' Bitch at my house. It ended up being a smaller group than usual, just four of us. And we only went through one bottle of wine and one bottle of champagne. I decided that in keeping with the spirit of my diet I'd cook. Shut up, I did too, a little. I marinated some chicken in a ginger lime sauce, then just baked it. It turned out really tasty. Using Pam's recipe as a guide I made couscous with tomatoes, green onions, garbanzo beans and light feta and that was pretty good too. Anita brought a pasta salad with broccoli, Olivia brought chips and seven layer dip, and Claudia brought wine. I had also picked up the traditional shrimp, and got a big bowl with fresh fruit. We didn't even miss dessert!

Anita is knitting a multidirectional diagonal scarf and was having problems. Her biggest problem was she thought the pattern was much harder than it truly is. Also, she wasn't turning the short rows, just continuing on. That made it unidirectional instead. I showed her what to do and after I told her that it's my non-thinking project she realized what to do and how easy it is.

Claudia is knitting a Brangelina hat. She's using Malabrigo in -- I think it was -- Forest and it's just gorgeous. As usual her results are smaller than mine usually are since she knits so tightly. It'll turn out to be a really pretty hat.

I brought out my hat-from-hell, the Stitch 'n' Pitch hat I was making for Monica out of the (crappy) Bernat yarn we got at last years' game. Oy. It was really big (and ugly). I was thinking I could decrease for a couple of rows and just have a big floppy brim, maybe pin it up somehow. When they were all done laughing at the hat (and me) they thought the best idea would be to just decrease and finish it immediately. Or maybe throw it away. Or give it to poor Monica and let it swallow her head. I finished it off and you can see that even Hiyo doesn't like wearing it. I'll offer it to Monica but I'm pretty sure she'll prefer the replacement hat that I'll make her. Yay, I have a further excuse to not knit the everlasting superlong wrap!

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