Tuesday, May 22, 2007

How not to start your day

I thought it all started out fine. Well, except for waking up an hour and a half early and not being able to get back to sleep. But I got up early, got out of the house early, got my venti non-fat sugar-free vanilla latte and drove to work. Traffic not too bad. Morning still going fine. Got to the office where I had to change the five gallon bottle of water, but that's ok too; I usually change the water since people are lazy and just can't do it themselves. Ahem. Anyhoo, things still going ok. My blinds were closed, which I hadn't done. I remembered that yesterday when we met with (among other people) the on-site building manager one of our employees had asked that our blinds be cleaned. Since they hadn't been cleaned since we moved here nine years ago.

Oh, they cleaned them all right. There's no dust at all on the blinds. It was all on my desk, my computer, my monitor, my keyboard, my papers, my printer, my phone, my calendars, my calculator, my cabinet, y'know, everywhere! Nine years of schmootz all over absolutely everything in my office. I started cleaning up, trying to get a clear surface, and whooopsie. I knocked over my latte. Which was still about three quarters full. It fell on the floor, losing the lid as it fell. About 16 ounces of latte all over my desk, my chair and the floor. Son of a bitch! Oh, excuse me, didn't mean to shout that so loudly that they heard me in San Francisco.

I spent the next hour cleaning up the spill, the dust, the dirt, coffee all over everything. While I got angrier, more congested and gritty. Arrrgh! One of my coworkers came in while I was cleaning and ranting (silently to myself by then), heard the situation and offered to (begged to) go next door and get me another latte. She escaped while I finished cleaning.

Ok, time to start the day over. I have my latte, my desk is clean(er), my chair is (almost) dry and the carpet looks better with a latte spill than with a coffee spill. Hmmph!

I had a good run last night with Pam. The weather was beautiful, warm with a light breeze. We ran our short short route because for some reason my legs felt flat. As if I had just done a long run, instead of being two weeks off the long run. We ended up being a bit slower than normal even though it felt as if we were pushing it. Nobody tried to run us over or run us off the road so that was very nice.

I knit about another inch last night on the neverending superlong wrap. I have the end rolled up and I don't think I'll unwrap it again until the remaining yarn ball is small enough that I think the wrap will be long enough. I didn't knit during the season finale of Heroes because, well, it was the season finale. And wow, they actually did a great job of winding up the past season while cliff-hanging a new season. Good job! Now if only they don't ruin it over the summer with introducing new characters.

Today's Gratuitous Bear of the Day is Ms. Health, another Safeway charm bear. I thought health would be a good one for today, what with my allergies acting up from the dust storm in my office!

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