Monday, May 21, 2007

Ban Mondays. Hate Tuesday instead.

Yaaaawn. I think we need a national proclamation that henceforth all weekends will be three days. Monday will no longer be the most hated day around, instead it will be the favorite of everyone. Anyone want to start the campaign? Stand at your local grocery store with a clipboard and ask people if they're registered to vote so they can sign our petition? Finance the drive and present it to a national legislator? Anyone??

My weekend, however short it seemed, was mostly restful. I got up early Saturday to meet the team at our mentor-led run on the Lafayette-Moraga Trail. I was planning on running about 8 miles. My friend Mary Ann joined me. I haven't seen her in a couple of months so it was nice to catch up. She's faster than I am and as usual I ran too fast. During our second mile we ran into an old friend we hadn't seen in a long time. He had stopped running for a while -- a couple of years -- but was making another comeback. We stopped and chatted for several minutes until we all decided we had to get the rest of our runs over with.

One of the mentors had marked the missing miles (the L-M Trail is marked every half mile except from 3-1/2 to 4-1/2) so it was clear where the four mile mark was. It was actually farther along the trail than I had thought, by about a tenth of a mile at least. Mary Ann and I ran the full 8 miles and were very happy to finish. Although it had been pretty cool when we started it was turning into a beautiful day. The heavy fog was burning off, the wind wasn't too bad and the sun was shining. We waited around for the last couple of people to finish so we could cheer them in. It was a small group, I'm not sure if people are injured, if they're running on their own or if they're just enjoying the final taper.

The rest of my weekend was exactly how I had hoped. I didn't have anything else planned that I had to do at a certain time so I was able to just catch up around the house. I got a lot of gardening done. The blooming jasmine makes my yard smell wonderful. There are lots of birds around and the hummingbirds are back. One was feeding on the jasmine while I was deadheading the peonies.

I also got lots of knitting done. I did a few rows on my neverending multidirectional diagonal scarf so I may just finish that one day. In the middle of summer. I also started and finished Monica's second hat for the Giants Stitch 'n' Pitch and there's a great improvement over the first one. Once again I used the yarn we got at the game from last year. The orange is TMA Yarn Pop 'n Yarn, 100% acrylic worsted, specially treated with aloe (huh?); the black is Red Heart Super Saver acrylic worsted. I used the same pattern as I did before, Ann Norling's Head Huggers, with size 8 16-inch addi turbo circular needles. I knit a 3x1 rib; k3, p1. This knit much faster and easier than the other hat - the uuuugly one. I'm not thrilled with the feel of this hat but I bet it'll be much cooler to wear than if I had used wool. And won't be at all itchy. And it's not floppy and ugly and strange like the first one!

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