Friday, March 27, 2009

Slow down, I tell me

Last night I went for my second run of the week, hoping for better results than I had during my first run of the week (and the month) (and last month). It was just as nice outside as Tuesday; low 70's (really! and it's still March!), clear air, a bit of a headwind on the return. The only thing detracting from the lovely evening was someone grilling lighter fluid. Seriously, I smelled no food at all, just pervasive chemical lighter fluid smell for about a half mile. Ick.

I started out, intending not to look at Mr. Garmin so that I wouldn't have a hissy about how slow I was running. Again, the plan was for 9:1 run:walk. By the second block I was horrified at how tired I was, how heavy my legs were, how bad my breathing was. I interrupted the song in my brain to sternly instruct my legs to go slower. Huh? You don't have songs in your brain while you run? I swear, my mind is my own personal iPod and I don't really need an external source of music. The only thing I can't do with it is turn down the volume. But that's a story for another time.

So I waddled along, speeding up when I didn't pay attention, slowing down when I focused. I turned around at 1.5 miles (yeah, I looked. Sue me) and realized I was now running into the wind. That canceled out any benefit from the down grade that direction. It also enforced the slowing down part because of that whole wind-in-my-face-can't-breath-well thing I have. My legs were still trying for a faster turnover than my lungs appreciated, but by the end of the second mile I seemed to be getting it under better control.

I finished my run with my usual sprint and walked about another half mile to cool off and breathe well. I was overheated since I hadn't expected the high temp, and I also seem to have forgotten how to dress while running. I'm used to overdressing for the bike since I get so cold and didn't remember that to me, 55 degrees is a warm day for running. I was wearing capri's and a short sleeve top and I should have worn shorts and possibly a sleeveless top. I'll remember next week. Maybe.

I felt better after this run than Tuesday but c'mon, it was still only a measly 3 miles! Good gravy, what's going to happen when I attempt real mileage? I didn't even mention how painful my lower quads and hip flexors were after Tuesday's run, and where did that come from? I know I hit the muscles differently than when I cycle, but my legs felt like I'd run 20 miles or more. It's going to be a long comeback, I can tell now.

A sad/strange thing happened when I returned to my car. I was in a little 3 car lot by the trail, parked in the middle. As I walked up a big ol' SUV, a really big one, pulled in alongside of my little SUV. A man and a woman got out and opened their hatch, which around there means they're either pulling out a stroller or a dog. I glanced over as I was opening my own car and saw they had 2 Great Danes in the back. No wonder they needed the big vehicle! One of the dogs glanced over at me and then I turned away, stretching and wiping off the sweat and such, and heard a loud "thunk" and then some horrible crying. The male GD had fallen out of the car. Fallen the 3 feet or so from the back to the ground. He was wailing something horrible and it just broke my heart. The owner was (obviously) concerned, but kept telling the dog not to be a big baby and get up. The dog just lay there in a heap, crying.

He was finally soothed and quieted, and stood up, but he was favoring one leg. The owners looked at each other and figured they'd probably have to go to the vet instead of taking the walk. The female GD just looked on as if to say "Baby!" and pulled at her leash. They put the dogs in the car, sat and talked, got out again, and as I drove out it looked as if they were going to go for their walk after all. Since they were apparently good people I think if the big baby (heh) was really hurt they'd take him to the vet. I hope he's ok. I'm sure for the rest of the week the female GD is going to be laughing at him for his clumsiness!

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