Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Running again

That sounds like I actually went for a run. Nuh-uh. Not yet. But I'm planning to run after work today. My biggest obstacle in going for a run is, well, me. If I'm not committed to joining someone else my lazy sedentary brain walks in my door after work and convinces my body to sit on the couch and veg. So I brought my running clothes to work, I'll change here, and I'll either run directly on the trail that's only a block from the office, or I'll drive to a part of the trail that I like better. Either way, I won't walk in my door tonight until I've gone at least 3 miles.

That sounds so short, doesn't it? But I haven't run for a couple of months and I don't want to push it. It would really annoy the bejeebers out of me if I (re-)wrecked my knee on what's essentially the first run of the year. So short, slow(er than usual) and easy is the way to do it. I'm hoping to make this a new habit, unless I can find some other slow person who can run with me during the week.

But first I have to run tonight.

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