Thursday, November 6, 2008

Should I upgrade?

I'm getting very excited about re-joining the Team. Kick-off is Saturday and our first ride is Sunday. Unfortunately I'll be missing that first ride to run my 18+ miler for Dallas in Clarksburg. It seems strange that I'll miss my first century training ride for a marathon training run. I got a call last night from my new mentor. Despite my horrible problem with remembering names I won't have trouble with hers; it's the same as mine. Whew, I'll remember at least one new person!

As I noted while training for the tri my bike is ancient. Well, maybe not quite ancient, but it's at least 18 years old. It worked perfectly well for the length rides we were doing for the tri but I think that something modern might be more appropriate. When I bought it they hadn't started making bikes with women in mind and they didn't have things like short-reach levers or other sizing for women. My gearing is ok (and don't ask what it is, I know I have a granny but the sizes are beyond my comprehension) but I'd like the simplified gear shifters on the hoods. I'm a bit concerned with metal fatigue from it hanging in a damp garage for almost 2 decades, not to mention all the weight I put on it while riding.

I'd like to think that if I buy a new bike it will be incentive to keep riding after this season (and yes I know it's premature to speak of the end of the season when it hasn't even started yet). I'm not sure that buying a spanking new bike right at the beginning of winter, the start of the rainy season, is a good idea. But I think I'll be better able to keep up with the crowd with a more operator friendly machine. Hopefully I'll make a decision soon. It would be dumb to train all season on my beater and then get a new bike right before the event.

Speaking of dumb, I was exactly that to think I'd have no problem swimming all winter. The pool is outside. It's cold and dark after work. I don't like being cold. That adds up to me not wanting to swim in the cold outside pool. I'd be ok once I was actually in the pool, but the whole getting in and out will be t0ugh, if not impossible for me. Maybe if I have peer pressure I'll be able to do it but on my own I know I'll be looking for something else to do on Wednesday nights.

Like knit! That's what I've been doing. I've rediscovered the pleasure of instant gratification projects. Leg warmers, fingerless mitts; they fly off the needles and within days I have a finished object. I'll need to weave in ends on the mitts and then I'll have pictures of my wild stripey project. Probably nothing I'd wear outside the house but fun and relaxing to make.

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