Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday jumble

I've had a lovely week of sloth. I intended to take a couple of days to recover from my disastrous run on Sunday but I really didn't intend to take off the entire week. It just -- happened that way. My energy level has been very low and I just couldn't manage to talk myself into doing anything after work other than reading or knitting. Productive, but not in the manner in which it should have been.

To start getting myself a little more excited about the century training I did some online shopping yesterday. I really don't like to shop (how un-girly, right?) but if I can at least do it from the comfort of my desk I can get through it. I bought myself a trainer because despite our current heatwave, it's too dark outside after work for me to ride and I need to ride more than one a week. It should arrive next week or the week after and until then I'll have to do some cross training. Seriously.

I also put the bike rack back in my car. When I put it away after the tri I figured I wouldn't need it again; with a ride here and there I could just toss my bike in willy-nilly and not worry about it. Since I'll be riding weekly I'll use the rack. It takes up a lot of room but it's still easier on my bike than flinging it into the back and letting it slide all over while I drive.

My new mentor Amy (did I mention how nice and easy it'll be to remember her name?) sent an email to our group reminding us of what we'd need at the training tomorrow. Back when I used to ride frequently my memory mantra was "helmet shoes gloves" and I'd be out the door. Anything else, I figured I could get away with forgetting. Amy reminded us to bring our bike. And both tires. I cracked up, picturing me arriving at the ride location with half a bike. That would be too funny, but seeing how early I'll be leaving for most of the rides it's a good reminder. New mantra for packing up the car: "helmet shoes gloves BIKE!"

We have a tire changing clinic tomorrow before our ride (and funny, but I typed that first as a "tired clinic" which I think I could use too). I know I need more practice but yuck. With my weak little fingers it's a pain. And since the tire on the back (which is the one I assume we'll be changing) is new, it's stiff and it'll be hard. I anticipate much whining on my part before it goes back on. At least this time I'll make sure the tire is reinstalled correctly and doesn't drag against the frame.

Tonight Anita and I are taking another Mystery Knitting Class. I wonder what we'll end up with this time??

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