Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One small step off the couch

Tonight I joined the marathon team's buddy run in Walnut Creek. I knew if I didn't go run with people I'd just go home and flake out on the couch. Needing to break that habit I decided to stay late at work and head right over to the run.

It was a great night to run, cooling down from a warmer day, but nice as can be. There was a small group there, mostly faster runners with one slow runner. I stuck with the slower woman. But she was really a walker, so we spent more time walking than running. We had a nice time, went a little over 2 miles, and enjoyed ourselves.

But I need to run, not walk. I'll run slowly with someone, very slowly, but running is what I want to do. Walking actually irritates my back and doesn't give me enough of a workout to make hanging around Walnut Creek worthwhile. I hate to desert anyone on the team, even if it's not my current team. I have to decide whether I'll actually run alone or on my treadmill, or if the walk will be more than I'd do alone.

Speaking of decisions, I still haven't decided which bike to buy or where to buy it. I'm seriously thinking of taking half a vacation day this week to test or retest the bikes. I'd like to get on with this and get my new bike. Whichever one it is.

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  1. Thanks so much for sticking with my participant last night! There were a few people missing at last night's run that are closer to your pace... hopefully they'll be there next week!