Thursday, November 6, 2008

I think she was trying to kill me

Otherwise why would Olivia have continued to increase her speed as our run progressed? Since it was our first dark run this season we decided to go North on the trail instead of South as we normally do. The consequences of that decision involved slope and distance. We wanted to go to the end of the trail but it was farther than we had thought. Knowing that our return would be the up-grade direction, we nevertheless continued running. We didn't go that much farther than normal before turning around, but our average for the first half of the run, the downhill half, was 11:11. Yikes.

Remember, I run a 12 minute mile. More if I'm not feeling at the top of my game. Anything else for me is speed work. At our turnaround we had a brisk walk so I could catch my breath, then we resumed running. Faster. On the first part of our outward leg I was chattering away, running smoothly enough to be able to talk. As we neared the turn I got quieter. Once we resumed running my talking was reduced to grunts and single syllables. As I got more tired, Olivia ran faster.

We are not as aware of landmarks on that end of the trail, and it was dark. Sure, we both had headlights but it was pitch black away from our little lights. We kept hoping that the next block would be our last but the end dragged out. Olivia ran faster, I debated whether to let her go and walk in the remainder. Of course I didn't, my ego is much too strong for that, but by the end she was moving along so fast that I finished 10 paces behind her. Yeah, I counted.

We finished those 3.7 miles at an average of 11:42/mile. Beyond not only my comfort zone, it's beyond my panting and gasping zone. Most of that run was a good, hard sprint for me. I don't think speed work is supposed to be like that, but hopefully it will be helpful for my 18 miler this weekend. Yes, I'm very well aware that you shouldn't do such a hard run a couple of days before the long run, but I really think it won't have the slightest effect on my long run. Hopefully. I enjoyed the run, despite feeling like my eyeballs would pop, and recovered much quicker than I had thought I would.

I also finished my fingerless mitts tonight, wove in the last ends and cleaned up the thumb joins. They're loud and warm and very cute. I'll take pictures this weekend and post them next week.

Kick-off on Saturday, the 30k race on Sunday, mom in between and normal weekend stuff to do. My plate is full. I have the option to take Tuesday as a holiday. I think I just might need it!


  1. You figured me out... I WAS trying to kill you!! My "the-finish-line-is-just-ahead" sprint just lasted longer than usual since I couldn't actually see our "finish line" :D

  2. Sometimes we need one of those runs, so when we go out at our normal pace we'll be cruising.
    Good luck on your 30K Race this weekend!

  3. cycling, running,...and occasionally swimming...hmmm...hey are you also secretly training for a TRI?