Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Not an April Fool

I pulled into our office parking lot this morning and looked around to see if there were any spaces, other than our reserved ones, available. Parking is tight so our earlier employees park wherever they can and the later employees get the reserved spots. Something was odd so I called up to the office. The conversation went something like this:

me: Uh, there are deer in our parking spaces.
Jeanette: Huh?
me: There are two -- no three -- deer in our parking spaces.
Jeanette: I know, April Fools, right?
me: Huh? There are three deer in our parking spaces!
Jeanette: Happy April Fools Day?
me: Just look out our windows!

Three little Bambi's, looking terrified (and hungry) just hanging out and trying to find the nearest Starbucks, I guess. I watched them for a couple of minutes and then they trotted away toward the school. Good thing that it's spring break at the high school or else they would have quite a bit of trouble with the crowds. I don't have much hope for the poor dears (deers), there's a freeway close by and lots of busy roads.

We did not have venison for breakfast here.

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