Thursday, April 10, 2008

What she said

Want to know what I did last weekend? Olivia gives a good review, with pictures and everything. Want to know how much I swam last night? Claudia and Phil talk about it. Want to know what else I've been doing? Spending time with mom.

In fact, tomorrow I'll be taking a vacation day to help my mom unpack. It doesn't seem like she's making any headway on her own, although she says she's emptied several boxes. I'm hoping to get all the boxes out of her kitchen, with their contents in cabinets and drawers, and have at least one room completely done.

I have high athletic hopes for the weekend. Saturday I've planned both a run and a ride and Sunday I've planned a run. I anticipate much (careful) icing, much heat and sun, and every other spare minute spent with my mother.

It took long enough, but it appears spring is finally here. I'm excited to get out and experience some of the glory before it goes away again!

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