Monday, November 12, 2007

Trying to start a new/old routine

I ran this weekend, the first time since the race (and yes, sooner or later I'll do a race report to go with the weekend report below). On Saturday morning I met up with Sandy, Pam and Mary Ann at Inspiration Point. As much as I'd have liked to stay in bed, I knew I'd feel better after running. Well, kinda.

We ran 6 miles, through cows and young calves. Dumb animals. I was tired enough without doing the adrenaline-fueled cowsprints. The hills were tough but I was determined to run most of them. I was breathing heavily, sucking air as I probably turned red with my eyes popping out. Lovely. But it was a good run (!?!) and I'm glad I had only called for 6 miles! The weather held, the usual headwinds both ways but the rain held off until after we were done.

I got home, did a few things, then napped. Best sleep in a long time, even though I only intended to sleep a short time. Three and a half hours later the phone rang and I got up. Whoops, looks like I won't get as much done as I had anticipated this weekend. Yawn!

I made my pot of healthy veggie soup and did some straightening around the house. I still had stuff on the counters from Portland, let alone New York. I was going to stay home and be a busy little bee until I got a call from Bree, inviting me to join her and a couple of friends at Zachary's. That wasn't something I could turn down so I changed out of my sweats and headed out. If the choice is pizza or vegetable soup, we know which will win.

Sunday morning I started getting ready to leave the house and remembered that I had wanted to do some yard work. Whoops. I cut back all the peonies, knocked the leaves out of all the citrus trees (and this year for the first time all of them have at least one piece of fruit growing) and then dug up an ugly plant from the front yard. I hadn't intended to do any of that. Note to self: wear long sleeves when working with the lemon tree. Additional note to self: wear gloves when cutting the rose bushes. My arms have lots of lovely scratches now. Ouchie!

Then some errands, then another nap, then whoops, it's time to get something done. A nice, productive weekend.

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