Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Smells like fall

Brrrr, it cooled way down overnight. According to my trusty car thermometer it was 42 degrees at 8:00 am today. Pam and I could feel it getting cooler while we ran our short short route last night and could see our breath when we stretched afterward. It was nice weather for running, except people are burning logs and spewing smoke which makes my breathing a bit tougher. However, the biggest obstacle last night was the cross-training tape I'd done on Sunday morning. It still feels like someone took a swift kick to my glutes and then tightened up my hamstrings. Ouch.

Yesterday I overhead a woman at work making some comment about Match.com. It got me to thinking. I'm extremely happy with my singleness. Singletude. Singleosity. Whatever you call it. I enjoy living alone without anyone to answer to, anyone to tell me what to do, anyone making demands upon me. But every once in a while it just works better to be one of a pair. I'm so over dating and don't tend to meet any qualified men on the street or in the grocery store so what, put my own ad on some dating service? I think it would run something like this:
Cranky, middle-aged overweight woman with very little free time seeks independently wealthy streetable man for infrequent social occasions. Must be available on a whim and out of sight otherwise. Liberal marathon runner with a good sense of humor a plus.
Yeah, that'd go over well. I can see the offers pouring in right now. I guess I'll just stick with "one, please!"

I knit more of the Temescal Bag last night after our run, getting a couple of additional stripes done. At this rate it'll be done by the weekend and I can felt it early next week. The Wool of the Andes is a pleasure to knit with and the size of the bag is keeping my lap warm while I knit.

I realized last night that I get to sleep in on Friday; there is absolutely nothing going on deep sale on Black Friday that I need to buy. Or even that I really want to buy. Sure, there are a couple of things I covet but they won't be on sale at all. So yay, this year I don't need to fight the crowds!

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  1. okay, cracking up at the ad for a man...you funny crazy running bear lady :o)