Thursday, November 8, 2007

Holiday season, and counting

Every year it seems that holiday marketing starts a bit earlier. Whereas they used to start with the bombardment of jingle buy jingle buy right before Thanksgiving, and the big ads for huge sales the same time, now it starts some time right after Labor Day. I heard that several large chains were going to start their Black Friday sales before Tgiving which is just wrong.

This morning I tottered into my local Safeway/Starbucks for my morning fix and my eyes were assaulted by visions of employees dressed in red; gooey holiday pastries; signs for peppermint mochas; lots of different big red mugs; and this year's version of the holiday bears. ::sigh:: The bears are dressed in red (for the boy) and pink (for the girl) jammies and each carries a little bear. Cute? Why yes, they certainly are. A woman walked over and picked one up and exclaimed how adorable they were. In a moment of oversharing she said she loved them but already had the bears from the past two years and didn't want to be the bear lady. Heh. I've certainly got her beat there. Hopefully they'll sell out quickly. Or I'll just have to get my morning latte at Peets and not be tempted!

I've been too busy to even think about last weekend, let alone write it up. This weekend I'll set aside some serious time and tell you about all the food, shopping and running. With pictures!

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