Friday, November 9, 2007

Trudging along

I'm feeling completely recovered from my run. Not from the fall (more on that in the race report later), but my legs and energy seem to be back to normal. My hand is still painful and sore and my bruises have reached their full technicolor glory. It's hard to grip anything, holding a pen is hard and no knitting has gotten done since Sunday. Even typing hurts, another reason these posts are short. I think it's just deep bruises and will take some time to heal. I'd cross my fingers but that would make it worse.

On Tuesday I had the ugly spider veins in my legs injected to make them go away. The doctor stuck that needle in my legs at least 75 times. The worst part of it was keeping them wrapped for 48 hours. I was sore enough from the fall and tough enough that most of the injections didn't bother me, although one or two of them stung for a moment. Right now they look even worse than when I started but hopefully by next spring the bruised looking spots will be gone. Vanity. What we'll do!

I'm back to running tomorrow and looking forward to it. I'm planning on getting back to a real routine again, none of this whine whine I don't feel like it stuff. Rocket City will be hard enough even if I get in a month of good training. I'm looking forward to the challenge of taking care of myself again!

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