Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weneedtherain weneedtherain weneedtherain

I am officially tired of the rain. Over and over again I tell myself that I like showering and I like to water my lawn in the summer and the reservoirs are dry and the snowpack is meager, but a couple of weeks of cold rain are making it very hard to be happy with the wet. The timing of this weather is bad, but I suppose for people who like to recreate (or work) outside it's never good.

Our planned 65 mile ride at Half Moon Bay was canceled. While I wasn't too upset about not having to get out of bed at 4am, I was totally displeased that we'd miss the mileage. Truly, I thought it was a wimpish decision to cancel on Friday afternoon without knowing exactly what was going to happen on Saturday. Since it ended up being very very ugly, but not rainy, on Saturday morning, I think we could have done at least most of the ride. We wouldn't have been particularly happy about it because it was cold, windy and overcast, but we could have gotten in the miles. Wusses.

Speaking of wusses, Bree and I decided to get in at least some miles on our own. We rode from my house to the staging area of Las Trampas, a ride I remember as being very uphill and very difficult. Imagine my surprise when the "big hill" at the end seemed to be more of a sharp incline. I still managed to drop my chain, but once we fixed it (it had gotten stuck, again, and was hard to extricate) I just zoomed up the "hill." It's probably just in comparison with the real hills we've been riding, because although I knew I was going uphill, it was so much easier than the many many times I've ridden that way before.

We wanted to ride to the bike shop to see if they could adjust my chain but the sky got darker, it got windier, we got concerned and turned around a mile short of the shop. We didn't want to get caught out in a downpour but we needn't have worried, no rain came until much later in the day.

I was very productive the rest of the weekend but didn't manage another real ride because of the weather. I did some time on the trainer (I can't believe how uncomfortable my old bike is) but not the hours in the saddle that I need. Our century is in 4 weeks. That's 4 weeks, people! Only enough time for the previously planned 65 miler in Half Moon Bay, the 80 miler in Marin and a taper 50ish miler in the East Bay somewhere. If any of those get rained out, which is possible now that winter has finally arrived, I'm in trouble. Yes, I've done a couple of 50ish milers but you can't go from 50 miles to 100. That would be like saying hey, I've run a half marathon a couple of times, lets go run a marathon next week.

I'm concerned.

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