Friday, February 20, 2009

Twenty two days

If you look at that little countdown timer up above, you'll see that it says I'll be riding the Solvang Century in 22 days. Twenty two days. That's twenty two ohgoodgriefIcan'tbelieveit'sthatsoon days. Just over 3 weeks before I get on a bike from sunrise to sunset (and hopefully no longer) and ride said bike for a distance longer than I like to drive. Whose idea was this anyway? (shhh -- don't tell me it was mine)

I'm feeling remarkably unready for this. I haven't yet ridden over 60 miles, although we're scheduled for 65 miles tomorrow and 80 miles next Saturday. One little rainstorm more and our longest training rides will be a forgotten wish and we'll be stuck on the Solvang area roads singularly unprepared. I've been getting in most of my workouts during the week, watching my food consumption and sleep patterns and stress, all those things that you do as part of training for a long event. But without the long rides it's a wash and the entire ride will be on guts.

I know I'll finish the damn thing, that's not even questionable (disclaimer: if I have jagged bones poking through my skin I just might have to quit early). If necessary I'll get off and push my bike the last 20 miles. Carry it, if needed. The only thing I don't know for certain is the time I'll be out there that day ("long") and the way I'll feel afterward ("tired" "sore" "crappy" "relieved").

Tomorrow I'll know if this mid-ride meltdown thingie is a pattern, or if it was just something during the the past 3 long rides. I've warned co-riders, coaches and captains to ignore me if it happens, and to leave me alone until I get over it. I'm looking forward to seeing the Half Moon Bay area, to riding along the ocean and through forests and fields and up hills and down hills and all over the place. Tonight before I fall asleep (if I actually fall asleep) I'll do visualization and imagery and see myself having a fabulous ride. That should translate to a great time Saturday. That's what I'll keep telling myself.

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