Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Can't change my mind

Since so many of my friends have registered for the Chicago Marathon, and we'd all like to stay in close proximity to each other and the race, we decided to get our rooms while some were still available. The race will have about 45,000 runners, along with their families and supporters, so rooms are sure to book up quickly.

We decided to bite the bullet and pay the exorbitant price for the host hotel since it's the closest to the race. None of us particularly wanted to walk a couple of extra miles before and after a marathon. Especially after a marathon. I discovered that the special rate for the marathon is completely sold out. Of course, I could have gotten a small room for $499 or $599 per night. Yes, per night. Nothing like price gouging.

So a few of us scurried around on our computers and phones and decided to go with a different hotel where not only is the price less than the marathon-reserved price at the host hotel, but if you're willing to pay 100% non-refundable up-front money you can get a suite for less than the regular rooms. I thought and thought and thought and decided to go for it. So I pressed the button and now I'm tempting fate and I will absolutely be going to Chicago in October. Hopefully I'll be strong and healthy and ready to PR, but if not I'll cheer on all my friends from the luxury of a suite.

Now I just have to get past the century ...

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