Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I registered for a marathon

This time, I'm hoping to actually RUN the marathon for which I spent the time and money registering. The race in question is the Chicago Marathon, the big one. The one where I'll be running with 45,000 of my best and closest friends. Or at least a half dozen of my best and closest friends, stuck in the middle of 44,994 strangers.

I'm pretty jazzed about planning another marathon. I'm also pretty concerned about running another marathon. I haven't had a good run over 13 miles in more than a year. Yes, I've had several runs over 13 miles, just none of them good ones. These days I'm hardly qualifying for half marathon distances. But I'm staying in shape with the long distance cycling, the cross training, the walking and the itty bitty runs that I'm fitting into my schedule. Everything should be fine. After all, I have more than 8 months to train. Actually, 7 months to train since I won't re-focus on running until after the century.

I don't know if I'll plan a September marathon as a long run for Chicago. Even though I have no intention of getting a PR I'd like to keep my time on the lower end, which means doing a 26 mile training run. Right now I'm too busy focusing on whether I can sit on my bike for 10 hours. Planning will come soon enough, as will the marathon.

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