Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just like old times

Last night I met Pam for our formerly regularly scheduled Monday night run. Olivia was out of commission so it was just going to be the two of us. I wasn't sure how my legs would do after the long bike ride, short run and swim over the weekend, but I was feeling ok and decided to give it a go.

It went very well, although slow. We ran, talked, ran, talked talked talked. It was great, catching up on each others' lives. The weather was perfect for running; cool with a breeze. I'm trying to take these last few runs as they come, but knowing how much I'll miss them makes it very bittersweet.

I have high hopes that my knee has, in fact, magically healed itself. I'm having no problems with it at all right now. My legs are tired, but nothing in either of them hurt. Unfortunately I can't say the same for my back. As I was driving home last night I was having spasms, not a good thing while you're trying to drive. I had to get together my stuff for tonight and my gear for tomorrow night and by the time I finally sat down I had forgotten to take any advil and totally forgot to ice it. D'oh! It's very sore this morning so after I finish my latte I'll take some drugs.

Tonight is the Stitch n Pitch at the Giants and most of the gang is going. We can't go to the A's SnP this year because it's the weekend of our tri. I'm not looking forward to staying out late on a school night but I'm very happy to skip tonight's swim and to spend a night with friends!

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