Friday, January 2, 2009

No resolutions

Happy New Year! Wow, I sure finished last year on a downer. I decided to stay home and kick back for the first time in -- uh, not sure -- decades? Since I only had Thursday as a day off I wanted Wednesday night to be mellow and calm. No crowds, no traffic, no police checking my blood alcohol level. I had a couple of dvds, my knitting, a good book or two, some food and a bottle of fancy champagne (hey, just because I was staying home didn't mean I wasn't celebrating).

It went very well until I saw the ants. I've had a few of the sentinel ants skittering around my kitchen lately; I smoosh them and that's it. Wednesday night I got rid of the couple I saw. Then there were a couple more. Then more. Then more and more and more and more and good grief they're all over the place. Since they seemed to be originating from one particular cabinet (where there isn't any open food, just my water bottles and containers of Ultima and a sealed container of jelly bellies) I pulled out every single thing.

And discovered what was making all those ants so jolly. It was a tiny package of caramels from Vermont Teddy Bear. When you used to order a bear they'd include a little bear-head shaped piece of chocolate but then they switched to caramels. Since I don't eat caramels (an incident with a crown leaving my mouth still attached to the candy) I apparently tossed it in the cabinet. It was swarming with ants. Dozens of ants getting their jollies with the sticky caramel. Yuckyuckyuck so I tossed it in the garbage (while ants crawled all over my hands and arms), wiped down the counter and shelves, searched out and destroyed the remaining ants, sprayed the area with toxic ant spray and finally was able to put everything back where it belonged.

Then I had a well-earned glass of champagne. I mean, sparkling wine, it was from California. No, I didn't drink the entire bottle. I was asleep by 11:30 and missed the entire cheering-in-the-new-year thing.

Thursday morning Bree, Anita and I met up for a run. We hadn't set a distance, decided we would go with the flow and see how we felt. It was cool to cold, overcast and humid, air filled with smoke from fireplaces. We ended up with a good 5 mile run through the streets and on the trail and felt great afterward. We followed up with brunch at the new Chow in Danville. I had read some good things about this restaurant and they were correct. We decided that in celebration of the new year we'd have mimosas. These were made with cava and fresh tangerine juice and lemme tell you, I could have had a gallon of them (but only had 1). The food was very good and by the time we left the place was full.

I spent the rest of the first day of the year kicking back; napping, knitting, watching dvds and tv, reading, talking with family and friends on the phone. Restful, relaxing, ready to face whatever the world had in store for me.

This is going to be a good year. Seriously, I'm starting positive and looking forward to a healthy, active, strong new year. A century, a couple of marathons, lots of yarn and books and good friends and what could be better?

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