Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'll start tomorrow instead

I love my friends, but they all insist on getting older, which involves birthdays, which involves cake. Obviously, to be a good friend I have to share in said cake. I do my best to not disappoint friends by not partaking in their celebrations.

Last night we gathered to celebrate Anita's birthday at Luka's in Oakland. I had been looking forward to eating their mussels (and I just typed "muscles" and ew) all week, and looking forward to drinking a martini all day (don't ask). It turned out to be a gala celebration and I managed to stick to my guns and only have one drink. Staying away from that molten chocolate cake was much harder.

I had a great (although short) run on Tuesday night, and didn't manage to exercise anything except for my brain yesterday. My goal was to get up early this morning and spin on the cycle on the trainer for an hour. As we all know well, those early morning goals haven't been met for ages. Mostly because I've been awaking (awakening?) at 4:30 am almost every day, then not getting back to sleep, but being too tired to get up and do anything except go to work. My alarm went off and instead of resetting it I hit the snooze. Several minutes later when it sounded again I decided to get out of bed and do something active.

Since I had pumped up the tires on the old bike, and checked the trainer (since I haven't really managed to use it yet except for testing), I thought spinning was a great idea. I put on my cycle shorts and shoes and hopped on the bike and after about one whole minute I realized my sit bones were still so sore from last Saturday that it was agony to sit on the seat. Damn. So I hopped off, changed my shoes and did part of one of my lower body workout tapes. I didn't want to do the whole tape since I hadn't done it in a while and didn't want to my hamstrings to be aching for our ride on Saturday. Hopefully I'll be able to sit on the (new) bike seat then.

I made a very strong effort to avoid bringing a cake to the office for Jeanette's birthday. So in the grand tradition of my workplace, she got her own. And forced me to eat a piece.

I think I'll have to go home and run on the treadmill tonight to make up for it.

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