Thursday, June 12, 2014

This is different

I have no idea why I expected Blogger not to change anything during the almost 2 years it's been since I last posted. Bear with me while I figure out the new platform.

Many races have come and gone since I was here. In total I've run more than 50 full marathons in 32 states, more than 80 half marathons, 1 ultra marathon. I've gone from being slow to being really really really slow. I walk more during races than I used to which accounts for part of the slowing, but I'm running slower too. I figure just being out there counts for something and don't mind that I'm not quite last at most of my races. The nicest thing is I've graduated to such an advanced age group that in small races I place in my age group (second or third usually) (of 2 or 3 total in the group).

There were several months when I put down the knitting and failed to pick it back up. Just this week I started knitting again and remembered why I enjoyed it so much. I might actually finish one of the several projects that have been left on my counter. Lets not hold our breaths though.

I'm hoping to talk about some of the races I've run, and hoping to be more active here. We'll see!

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