Monday, August 10, 2009

More of the same again

Somehow last week slipped away without my noticing it. Another week of not enough exercise, not enough sleep and mom still in the hospital. My Saturday planned run of 17-18 miles became a slow run:walk of 11 miles. Since that was 7 miles longer than I wanted, I was satisfied. It doesn't hurt the training schedule because I've built so many long runs into it that it doesn't matter if we backtrack one week.

The best part of the week was Sunday. I couldn't sleep Saturday night so I got up and did my paperwork, bills and filing until about 3 am. I went to bed for about 4 hours and got up and cleaned house. I haven't done any housework since the whole mom-in-the-hospital thing started over a month ago so it's wonderful having a clean, relatively dust-free environment for living. I cleaned, did laundry, ran errands and felt like I had accomplished more than I have in ages.

My mom isn't progressing at all. While she has some times when she isn't aggressive or violent she hasn't had any times where she's living in the present and knows what is going on. She's confused, paranoid and angry. She finally managed to lose one of her very expensive hearing aids, so I removed the other one since she can't remember to use them correctly anyway. Along with her mind she's lost lots of weight (which would thrill her if she realized it), muscle and balance. The doctor keeps trying different meds but my mom doesn't always agree to take them since she thinks she's being poisoned. She calls me and with slurred words talks nonsense about things that happened 30 years ago. It's heartbreaking. I can't see an end to this or any happy solution.

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