Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good intentions pave the road to where?

Because of the extreme heat and crappy air quality, my plan this week was to get up very early and either run or cross train before work. I was successful on Monday; I wasn't sleeping anyway so I got up and did a lower body toning tape. I was unsuccessful today; I wasn't sleeping anyway and still reset my alarm for the regular time. Sigh. Before I left home I packed a bag so I'll be running after work. In the heat. And the smog.

It's definitely cooling though. In theory the air quality will be much better today than it's been, there's a good strong breeze through the trees. The horizon looks blue instead of sickly brown (but it's still a bit hazy) and that's a good sign too.

Chicago seems so far away, but it'll be here before I know it. In training-for-a-marathon terms, it's just a few long runs away. Well, several long runs away. But in order to do the long runs I need to keep up with the weekday training.

After my exhausting run on Saturday I was at my mom's house. She noticed how crappy and worn down I looked and asked me why I bothered with all of this. My answer was simply that there is nothing I love more than running marathons, and to do that I need to train. Regardless of weather or air quality or health or injuries, I need to have consistent mileage on my feet (preferably running) and regular toning and core work. My brain is well aware of this. Now I just have to convince the rest of me.

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