Thursday, June 4, 2009

Coo who?

It appears that the dirty filthy pigeon who had take up residence on my jasmine hedge has flown the coop. Monday night the bird was sitting there glaring at me but Tuesday morning the nest was empty. I saw two pigeons cavorting on my fence and thought that I should take the opportunity to dart out and knock the nest away.

Then I realized I'm basically a nice person and I couldn't do that if there were eggs or baby birdies present. Darn. The fence pigeons stared at me, took off and circled the yard, then settled back on the fence. I argued with myself and ended up leaving the nest alone.

I looked outside Tuesday night after I got home and the bird still, or again, wasn't back in the nest. I tried to see if there was anything in it, but it was above my eye level. I decided that it must mean that the birds were gone for good and this time went to find a broom.

Wow, sloppy nest builders! What I dislodged was less a nest and more a pile of pine needles, dead leaves, twigs, feathers and trash. It had no form and didn't stick together at all. How the bird sat on it without falling through amazes me. I checked the debris pile and didn't see anything resembling egg shells so I'm not worried that I disturbed a happy family.

From now on I'm keeping an eye on the jasmine to make sure nothing else builds a home there.

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