Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First personal training session: Take 2

I was a little apprehensive after last week's aborted training session. Would the roof fall in? Sprinkler system malfunction and spray the room? Toxic gas release?

None of that happened and I had my very first ever session with a personal trainer. As a little background, I have done absolutely positively no upper body training since my tri season, 2 years ago. That training was shortened because of injuring my back, although I did continue swimming which granted a bit of upper body toning and strength. And last year I did the bike century but the only upper body workouts I did was holding the bike upright, nothing extra. Before that, I might have lifted a weenie weight or two when I started running, but for real weight work it's been since I was married. Since I divorced in 1990 we can see that it's been a while since I've paid true attention to strength work.

All that is to say: oy, what have I gotten myself into? I arrived at the gym at 6:00 am and "Katie" was set up and ready to finish the paperwork and measurements. Again, oy. Dudes. I'm really big. As in, big. I'm continually surprised that I let it get this far (again...) although to be fair, I've been bigger in the past (uh, yeah. Like that matters). We finished the paperwork and headed to the torture chamber workout area.

First up, squats. No problemo since I already do lots of squats, right? Hmm. What's this big old contraption? Squats with weights, huh? Never did a weighted squat before. Fifty pounds?? Are you out of your mind?? These were superset with step-ups. I only tripped the first couple of times on each foot (especially my left foot). Three sets of each and my legs were a little wobbly. Wimp.

Next were sit ups. With a medicine ball. After almost smacking my knees with the ball (and I warned Katie to get out of the way so I wouldn't accidentally knock her out) I made it through the first set. These were superset with twists. After 3 sets my arms were a little wobbly from the ball. Wimp.

Then my nemesis: push-ups. Since I have oodles of body weight and no upper body strength, these are a challenge (understatement). Push-ups were superset with planks. I kept falling on my face. The last set of push-ups were while standing and I still wasn't doing very well. Last plank I managed to hold the entire time without collapsing, but I was shaking so hard the people around me probably thought there was an earthquake. After that my arms were very wobbly. Wimp.

Thus concluded my first session. I felt so wiped out that I signed up for 22 more sessions. Obviously the blood had completed left my brain to do something like that. But to be perfectly serious for once, it's something I have to do. I'm not only trying to build strength, I need to lower my weight to ease my running. I need to be accountable to someone other than myself (in this case, my trainer and my wallet) and this will do it. I want to be pushed in a way that won't make me want to cry or quit, and be taught the correct way of doing the exercises.

I'm happy with how it went, enjoyed working out with Katie. The timing worked well to get home afterward and shower and still be on time for work. The only downside is getting out of bed so early but since I'm normally not asleep anyway it shouldn't be an issue. I think I'll be sore tomorrow but I need to remind myself that it's a "good" sore that I earned with hard work.

Stay tuned!


  1. YAY!!!! good job Amy :o)

    Katie's other tortured client...lol

  2. Sounds like fun. How many times a week do you have to endure this torture?


  3. So proud of you!