Thursday, March 4, 2010

First run of Spring

I realize that technically it isn't Spring. I also realize that it isn't even my first run this week. Today was the first time this year I felt it could be light enough after work for me to run alone, safely and in the daylight. I've been slacking on my running, slacking on my cross-training and all that slacking is making me grumpier and crankier and sadder. I decided I'd run after work come what may and if it ended up raining on me, or if it got dark before I finished, tough luck.

But it was gorgeous out. Probably mid to low 50's. Storm clouds passing by but never dropping rain. The sun low but still in the sky. Very little wind. The recent rains have left everything looking clean and fresh and growing. The grasses were that lovely shade of new green, bending in the slight breeze. Fruit trees had their fragile pink or white blooms. A few early poppies were closing up tightly for the evening to come.

I slowly wheezed my way along the trail, enjoying every breathless (literally) moment that I was running. Pollen is not my friend but it was so enjoyable running off a cruddy work day that I didn't mind my lungs working so hard. I may have scared a few people as I noisily gasped my way along the trail but I smiled to let them know I wasn't at risk for dropping dead in my tracks.

When I finished I felt fabulous. Tired, sweaty and dripping,wheezing. But fabulous nonetheless. Not a traditional runner's high, just a run well done, an accomplishment of which I was absurdly proud. My plan and my hope is to do this at least a couple of times each week after work. I doubt I'll get anything else done tonight but I don't care. Once again, I am a runner.

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