Monday, July 27, 2009

Running with No Reservations

Yesterday I was supposed to run a half marathon but I didn't. In lieu of that I should have gone off and run 13 miles on my own but I didn't. Last week I was scheduled to run on Monday and/or Tuesday, and Wednesday and/or Thursday. I didn't do that either. I hadn't run since our stumbling almost 14 miler 9 days ago. I hadn't done any cross training for a week either. Add to that a complete lack of sleep and poor nutrition and more stress than I've ever experienced and it all added up to one sad puppy.

Every day last week I'd say I would get up early and run. When that didn't happen I said I'd run after work. Neither morning nor evening runs occurred. Only guilt and my lack of activity and training was present.

Today I again set my alarm to get up early to run and again I didn't do it. When I got home from work I was tired and beaten so I took a nap. After a short time I was jumpy and twitchy and decided it was run time. Since it was about 90 degrees with icky air quality outside when I got home I decided that the treadmill would do in a pinch. I changed, grabbed some cold water, turned the fan onto high speed and plugged in the 'mill.

What to watch, what to watch. I hadn't been paying attention to what I had set to record so I flipped through different programs and settled on an old episode of No Reservations. I started running as Tony Bourdain made his way through Las Vegas; eating, drinking, smoking and whining, crabbing and talking a mile a minute (gotta love that Tony!) (and while most of the food looked very tasty, the fried Twinkie was very gross). I realized that I was still having some breathing problems but kept the speed at 12 minute miles. After 2 miles I was wheezing so much that I slowed down and walked a half mile. Although I was still huffing and puffing I ran another 1.5 miles, then cooled down with a slow walk.

Know what? I really missed running! I should really try to make a habit of it.

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