Monday, May 4, 2009

Dodging raindrops

This will be short because, frankly, my life is boring these days. To be perfectly honest (and when am I anything else) my life is usually boring. It's just these days it's so much of the same ol', same ol, that it even puts me to sleep when I think of it. "Sleep" being an expression, as we all know I don't sleep.

I've been mostly keeping up with my imaginary fitness schedule. As expected, registering for a couple of races in the near future has me terrified that I'm out of shape. I ran 3 times last week, including a long run of 8 miles on Saturday. Anita and I ran 7 pretty decent, albeit slow, miles. The weather was cool and cloudy, perfect for running. At just about the time my energy (and breath) deserted me, the rain started. It drizzled for the last mile, getting progressively heavier and by the time we reached our cars it had started to pour. Our timing was almost perfect, if we had started any later we would have been soaked.

I ran twice during the week; once on the trail and once on the treadmill. The TM was because I started so late. It was after 7:15 pm and I didn't feel safe going to run alone but I needed to blow off some energy. As usual I felt much better after I had finished. I really should make a habit of this.

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  1. Good thing you missed the downpour! And actually a "boring" life often beats an "eventful" one, considering how often eventful means stress and trauma.

    Hope you get more sleep! Sleep rocks.