Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wait. I thought this was vacation

Apparently I don't schedule my vacations well. Note to self: no vacations with visiting family members during the last build week of training for an athletic event while undergoing physical therapy for some aching part of my body.

I left home early this morning to make my 7:30 am appointment to have my back shmooshed and squished and pounded and bent and ultimately owie. My therapist is getting a little concerned because I initially showed quite a bit of improvement but now I seem to be stuck at this same level of "it hurts - not a lot, not crippling, but -- it hurts." Since I'm not real good at describing the pain (uh, burning pinching firey owies isn't good enough?) (deep sharp dull pain is contradictory??) he's having problems fixing it. So today was some aggressive deep tissue work, adjustment, shoving and digging and ouch.

Anyway, it's tiring. Then I need to go home and still do all the homework exercises and stretches twice daily. Yeah, good thing I don't sleep, gives me more time for therapy.

Since I had family obligations tonight I had to do my swim during the middle of the day. I'd never been to the San Ramon pool during the lunch hour lap swim and didn't know what to expect. It's gotten warm again, very warm so I thought maybe it would be as crowded as the evening. Unknown to me there is only adult lap swim at that time, no family swim and no lessons. The entire pool was laned off for adult swimming so I was able to get my very own lane for the entire time. There were a bunch of people swimming (and the guy in the lane next to me crawling along the bottom of the pool, underwater the entire lane and back and wow, nice lungs but gee, it's odd to see him doing that) but I didn't have any feelings of being rushed or crowded. Too bad I have to work and can't do that every day! I did miss my peeps - it's easier swimming for an hour when you're training with someone. Yes Claudia and Phil, I do appreciate your company!

My schedule was for 2500 yards but since I didn't want to desert my family for that long I cut out one set of 500 and just did 2000. I was swimming straight as an arrow down the middle of the lane but was afraid it was because I was following the white line. So I closed my eyes and didn't look for several strokes. The first time I did that, early in the workout, I was dead on in the middle when I opened my eyes. Exactly where I should have been. But when I did it again after about 1500 yards it was a different story. After 2 strokes I smacked into the lane line. I straightened out and tried it again. Crash again, same side. Hmm. I guess I swim better when I'm not tired. Good thing I'm so very well trained that I won't be tired during the entire 1500 yard icy cold kelp-laden swim. Uh, right.

I'm looking forward to having a rest day tomorrow, even though I'll be doing the PT and even possibly going for a short swim with my sis if the heat increases the way it's supposed to. At this point anything less than our full workout feels like a day off! I'm going to enjoy taper time!

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  1. glad you had a good swim, we missed you too. See you Saturday :o)