Monday, August 18, 2008

Denial and delusions

I'm totally prepared for this triathlon, will kick ass and feel fabulous when I finish. Sandy isn't going to move, and if she is then she'll be back in 6 months. Mary Ann will return by the end of the year. Pam will get a job here and move back permanently. My knee is completely healed and will never trouble me again. My back will be completely rehabbed by the end of this week when my physical therapy runs out. The changes at work will be simple and easy to understand. My stomach problems are clearing up. My mom loves living up here. I'll be able to run at least 2 marathons this year, and finish them in about 5:45.


Our longest bike ride was on Saturday. Those of us training for Pac Grove were scheduled to ride 30 miles but we got turned around a bit early so I rode 28.98 miles according to my bike computer and 29.4 according to Mr. Garmin. I'm counting it as 29 miles. We met at the Park & Ride up at my corner and I had intended to just ride over there, but we were supposed to run afterward and I needed my car to keep all my running gear while I rode and my riding stuff while I ran. It felt funny to drive .6 miles to get there but at least I got to leave home later than normal.

Our route was straight down San Ramon Valley Road, which turns into Foothill in Dublin and heads through Pleasanton to Sunol. We then turned onto Calaveras Road heading toward the reservoir but got to turn around way before the hills started. The ride was much easier this time without the mechanical problems I had the first time we did the ride. I was trying to keep my intensity low and my goal was to really pay attention to my nutritional needs.

I did well on all the hills except for the one on the way back just past the high school in Pleasanton. There I felt like my eyeballs were going to pop out or maybe my lungs would burst through my chest wall. I think that was probably a "10" on the effort chart. I recovered well though and took it easy for the last few miles into the mild headwind. It was very warm out and I did well with hydration but I should have taken more gels. I had some little oatmeal bites that I munched on but they seemed to sit in my stomach like tiny rocks so I think I'll go back to only gels or sport beans or sharkies.

Although I probably shouldn't have, I ran the run after the ride. I probably should have done the 2 minute walk, 4 minute run, but I ran 6 minutes, walked 2, ran 2. My legs felt surprisingly steady but tired. I couldn't help but think of how challenging it's going to be to not only run 6 miles afterward, but to do it when I've not only completed the bike ride but also finished the cold swim. I'm wishing I'd had more bricks that were longer. I could have done with more 20 mile rides followed by 4 mile runs or half mile swims followed by 20 mile rides. Whatever, I'll make do.

Sunday's run went well too. We were scheduled to go 40 minutes, meeting at the Rudgear Road Park & Ride and running south on the Iron Horse. I decided to comply with my instructions and ran:walked a 4:2. The running felt good; stiff, creaky, but good. I averaged better time than I thought I would and I'll really be happy if I can keep at least a 4:2 for the tri, although I'll going to attempt to run it all (hah) or go for a 4:1 if my legs are toast.

We had Sandy's good bye dinner Sunday night and wahhhhh! Boo hoo and although she's not leaving for a few weeks yet, sob sob sob.

But I'll just keep telling myself she's not moving, or she'll return immediately, and I'm incredibly ready for this triathlon!

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