Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Take me out to the ballgame

Last night was the 3rd Annual Stitch 'n' Pitch night at the Giants in San Francisco. Claudia and I, as is traditional, coordinated the ordering, buying and distributing of tickets to our group. This year we outdid ourselves with 25 people - amazing! Along with our tickets and premium, we were supposed to get a message on the welcome board.

Try to find a witty, concise, meaningful message that contains 25 characters. That includes punctuation and spaces. It took us weeks days hours many minutes to come up with our message. We all watched while the messages flashed quickly on the screen. The next screen. The one after that. And again. Then waited some more while they played baseball and darn! They didn't show it! What we originally wanted was "Amy's & Claudia's TnT Alumni Marathon Knitters." What we ended up with was "Amy/Claudias TnT Knitters." It would have been very nice if it had actually shown up!

The premiums also seem to be getting smaller. The first year we got lots of stuff, the second year we got less, this year we got a cap. A very nice cap, but only a cap. With a Giants/Stitch n Pitch logo on it. Frankly, I'd prefer something more knitting related but I wasn't asked.

The past 2 years I've gotten the tickets from group sales. I had a great rep who actually placed us in better seats, although they were away from the knitting crowd. This year we were right in the middle of the knitters, although in our crowd only a few of us actually did any knitting. It was tough because we were under the overhang and it got too dark to see anything. I did get some knitting done, although not much.

Many of us ducked out of the game early. I would have liked to watch it until the end but I knew it would take me at least an hour and a half to get home. BART may be convenient but it can take forever at that time of night. I got home a little after 10:30 pm which is too late for me on a work night during training season. It was lots of fun seeing everyone, having dinner beforehand, chatting and knitting.

And the game? The Giants won beat the Nationals 6-3! Go Giants!

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