Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Swim swim swim

I think I'm swimming in my sleep now. The little sleep I'm getting, that is. Last night's training swim took me an hour and 20 minutes to complete. Back and forth and back and forth and back and repeat. This morning in our coach's weekly email we were told that we should register for the 1 mile swim at the Aqua Challenge at Lake Del Valle in 3 weeks. Yes, that's a 1 mile open water race swim in a wetsuit in 3 weeks. Holy swimmers' itch batman!

This shouldn't surprise me or concern me since we're swimming more than that at our weekly training. Last night Phil, Claudia and I swam 2600 total yards. Of course, that included some 15 second breaks in between sets and a wall to kick off of at each turn-around. Less breaks for me than them since they literally were 300 yards ahead of me by the end and had to wait 10 minutes until I finished even without my taking all the breaks. And the pool closed 10 minutes after I finished so I don't really have time for breaks. But anyhoo, a 1 mile swim. A 1 mile open water swim in a crowd. Yikes.

I did the math and a mile is 1760 yards. My triathlon's swim is 1500 meters. That converts to .932 miles or approximately 1640 yards. It's good that our training incorporates a longer swim without stops. It's good that we train in the wetsuits in a race setting. It's good that we're doing a training run directly after the swim (and the faster guys will have a nice rest waiting for us slower peeps to finish). So why am I not feeling good about this??

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