Sunday, April 5, 2009

Check, check and ... check!

this plant is not yet in bloom this year

For once I had an incredibly productive weekend. The only thing I didn't get to do were sit around doing nothing. I guess you can only do that once a year. Maybe once a season, if you're lucky.

I spent Friday late afternoon and early evening at the hospital with my mom. Don't ask. She's fine, and they were very surprised to see her only two days after they had done every test, found nothing and sent her home. I think she's lonely.

Saturday I met Bree (with Nitro), Anita and surprise guest Petra at the trail. We had decided to walk to rest Bree's knee and my back. Rest=5 mile walk. It was freezing out, literally (strangely enough and what's up with that?). But it was clear and sunny and warmed up quickly. We walked, talked, gabbed, paused, walked on and had a great time. It was such a beautiful day, the sky couldn't have been prettier, the air clear, the trees in bloom (haven't I been saying this for a while? I'll miss it when it all browns out which will be very soon if we don't get any more rain).

I spent the rest of the day doing mom stuff. Lots of mom stuff. Lots and lots and lots. Sigh.

I woke early Sunday and after trying to go back to sleep, got up and started my tasks. I cleaned the entire house, moved the furniture around so I could set up the air mattress, did lots of laundry, went grocery shopping and generally prepared for guests. I cleaned the atrium too, probably the last time it'll need it until the fall.

I also finished, I think, setting up the new computer. It's decidedly odd typing on this thing. The keyboard is about 80% normal size (that's a guess) and strange function keys are here and there. There's also a very sensitive touch pad that I keep hitting and moving the stupid cursor around. I managed to move all my music and pictures, re-download some programs and games, update my other files, figure out where all the old stuff was and where to move it. For a technological dunce I think I did ok. Since the old computer hasn't entirely bit the big one yet, I'll still be able to find things if I discover they're missing.

Moving furniture and making beds wasn't exactly good for my back but I'm still hoping that I'll wake up tomorrow morning and be able to re-re-re-start my exercise. Fingers crossed!

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  1. Congrats on being so productive!

    And that's very smart of you to get set up on a new computer before your old one totally bites it. I've done it both ways, and man is it a pain to lose everything and have to start from scratch.