Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Getting ready

It's a bleary morning. Rainy, foggy, cool. Must be winter, or nearly so. I'm trying not to whine about it since we so desperately need rain. At least I won't have to run in it today or tonight.

I'm keeping a close watch on the weather predictions for Saturday. I've been worrying myself to a frazzle because of the possibility of freezing weather. We all know I don't run well in freezing temps. Well, not to worry. I think I may have to worry about being too warm. The current forecast has it going from the mid-40's to the mid-60's. Excellent. I've gone from planning to wear heavy pants and a jacket and warm accessories to thinking about wearing short and a short sleeved shirt. I'll pack everything, just in case of last minute changes. I don't want to have to buy stuff while I'm there.

Last night Pam, Olivia and I ran our short short route. I like running at night this time of year because of the holiday lights. They're fun to look at and they brighten the route. I started out running faster and slowed down midway. That's when Olivia sped up. Heh. She really picked it up after the last light with Pam and I trailing behind, refusing to be left alone. We're going to have to work on coordinating our speed.

In celebration of the First Night of Hanukkah the Gratuitous Bear of the Day is a Hannukah bear. He has little dreidels on his feet and a sort of yarmulke on his head. I'm not sure why he's blue, maybe someone stole his gelt. Or maybe he burned his little paw on the menorah. Happy Chanukah to all and watch for dripping candle wax!

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